Key sectors and customers

Evander glazing contractors are trusted by a number of commercial and public sector clients to provide a range of glazing, door repairs and locksmith services.

Clients of Evander commercial glazing specialists

Evander has been providing commercial glazing services to different kind of organisations in various sectors for a number of years. Our experience of providing glazing services ranges extensively from major retailers, through to local and national government buildings, hospitals, city offices and more across the UK. We are proud to hold maintenance contracts with many such organisations and enjoy good relationships with others who call on us to meet their urgent requirements.

The types of organisations we work for include:

  • Central & Local Government, Local Authorities
  • Facilities Management, General Contractors
  • Hospitality & Leisure, Pubs & Breweries, Retail
  • Insolvency & Insurance
  • Property Managers/Owners
  • Housing Associations and Social Housing

Having worked with a number of clients across different sectors helped us earn reputation for quality, reliability, technical expertise and professionalism.

Some of our clients:

Commercial glazing services to Barclays and Shell
Glass and glazing contractor
commercial glazing services betting companies
commercial glazing contractors for B2B
commercial glazing contractor for Aldi and Lidl
Commercial glazing contractors
Commercial glazing contractor for John Lewis

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